Referral incentives

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You can get rewarded for referring your friends to the app. If your referred friend completes the required trips in zones with incentive eligibility dates, both you and your friend receive the incentive. Changing zones mid-incentive period may disqualify a driver from receiving the incentive.  


Drivers are eligible to participate in the referral program after completing a certain number of offers on the Spark Driver™ app. The number of deliveries needed for eligibility can be found in the Refer & Earn feature.  

If you’d like to refer someone, you can follow these steps:

  1. On iOS, press More in the bottom-right, and then press Refer & Earn from the navigation menu. On Android, press Refer & Earn from the hamburger menu.  
    The Refer & Earn screen is displayed.
  2. Press COPY CODE to copy the referral code.
    A referral code is available only after you complete five trips. 
  3. Press SHARE CODE to share the referral code with your friends and family. 

Checking the status of your driver referrals

To check the status of a referral, open the side menu and press Refer & Earn. Then select Status to track the progress of your referrals and see how they’re adding up.  

Information on when driver referrals are updated

Driver referral information is visible in the app within 48 hours after the referred driver completes the required trips in zones with incentive eligibility.  

If 48 hours have passed and you do not see the updated information, you can try: 

  • Downloading the latest version of the Spark Driver™ app to view the most up-to-date information.  
  • Checking the Drive4Spark website to confirm your zone has an active referral incentive. 

If you have tried the steps above and believe referral incentives are missing or information is incorrect, contact Driver Support. 

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