Using the Report Issue feature in the app

Updated by Dave Jurgens

If you’d like to report an issue with the app, offers, earnings, or send a suggestion, you can follow these steps:

  1. On iOS, tap More in the bottom-right, then tap Report Issue from the menu.

On Android, tap the menu icon, then tap Report Issue.

The Report Issue screen displays.

  1. Select a category you are reporting about from the four categories provided.
  2. Select a Specific issue from the displayed list.
  3. Tap the OK button.
  4. You may tap inside the text box to add a comment. It is helpful to enter as much detail as possible about your issue or suggestion and tap the SAVE button.
  5. Tap the Camera icon to take a photo of the issue.
  6. If you want to attach a photo, tap the Gallery icon to attach a photo from your device’s album.
  7. Tap the SEND button. A support agent will review the details of your issue and reach out to you if additional information is needed. Reports are typically reviewed in 48 hours or less.

Information about your device, account, and the Spark Driver™ app will be automatically included in your report.

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