General FAQs

Updated by Dave Jurgens

You must be 18 years of age or older to complete deliveries on the Spark Driver platform.

No, you may choose your preferred attire while delivering on the Spark Driver platform.

Children who are not old enough to be left alone in a car are not allowed. Passengers are not authorized drivers on the Spark Driver platform, so they cannot participate in deliveries.

Yes, as long as they’re kept separate from the orders being delivered and orders do not get contaminated with pet hair. Only service animals are allowed in stores.

No, you many only create one Spark Driver account. Sharing accounts with multiple drivers is prohibited.

The Spark Driver app is available on a mobile device with camera, flash, and GPS capabilities (iOS, or Android 11 or newer).

Yes. Proof of insurance is collected as a part of your enrollment onto the Spark Driver platform. You’ll need appropriate insurance for each vehicle used.

When you agree to the Terms of Use, you agree that you will not unlawfully carry a firearm and will not make visible to others any lawfully carried firearms while performing services with the Spark Driver app.

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