Shopping an order

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Start shopping

To start shopping an order, you will find baskets and shopping carts available at the front of the store. Pressing the START SHOPPING button starts the shopping trip. 

Aisle numbers
  • Aisle numbers can be found on signs posted at the corner of shelves or on hanging signs.
  • Shelf labels show aisle numbers too. You can find these labels at the top of shelves. For frozen items, the labels are above the cases.
  • The aisle is highlighted in orange.
Section numbers
  • Shelf labels (located on the top shelves) also have sections numbers highlighted in yellow.
  • For produce items, shelf labels are located on the lowest shelf.
  • For frozen items, the labels can be found above the cases.
  • You can find modular numbers on the top-right of each item’s price sticker. These stickers are different than shelf labels. Each item has its own price sticker.
  • Modular numbers display from left to right:
End caps and displays
  • If you see a three-digit section number, your item is in an end cap or a display. End caps are always located at the end of an aisle facing outwards.
  • Feature displays are prominent sections placed in the pathway that typically highlight popular items.
Using scanning to shop an order
  • Pressing the SCAN BARCODE button will allow you to begin scanning items so you can start the shopping process.

When finished shopping, the self-checkout area provides you an easy and convenient way to complete your trip.

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