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Tips for locating an item

For each item a customer requests, you can view a picture of the item along with the aisle number, section number, and modular number. Sometimes you may know exactly where an item is located and can find it on your own in a store. If you need assistance locating an item, you can choose to use the aisle, section, and modular numbers to easily find items throughout stores. Here is some helpful information about the numbers.

Section numbers located on shelf labels

If you are looking for a particular item in an aisle, you can use section labels. They are highlighted in yellow on item price labels on shelves.


You can use modulars to find numbers on the top-right of each item’s price sticker.  

Modular numbers display from left to right:

End caps and displays

If you see a three-digit section number, your item is in an end cap or a display. End caps are always located at the end of an aisle facing outwards.

Tip: End caps typically use 100 or 200 as the section number on the shelf label.  

Feature displays are prominent sections placed in the pathway that typically highlight popular items.

Interactive store map

You have the option to use the interactive store map to easily locate items. The zoom feature also allows you to move the map to get a better understanding of a store’s layout.

Shopping a batched order

Items in the order will be labeled with a different letter for each customer. 

To start shopping a batched order, tap START SHOPPING

You will know which item belongs to which customer by finding the corresponding letter on the item shopping page.  

The app will suggest a shopping flow, but you can choose to shop in any sequence you prefer. It may be helpful to separate each order’s items in different areas of the shopping cart. 

If you need to revisit the item list while shopping, you can tap the back arrow. 

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