How to deliver a Customer return offer

Updated by Nichole Lee

Customer return offers are like Delivery offers, but they work in reverse. In this case, returns will be picked up from the customer and delivered back to the store. 

If you accept a Customer return offer, here is some helpful information: 

  1. Pressing the START TRIP button once you have accepted a return offer will get you started. Pressing the NAVIGATE arrow will open your default navigation app which will lead you to the pickup location. 
  2. Once you arrive, you can view PICKUP NOTES in the Spark Driver™ app by swiping up from the bottom of the app. Swiping the CONFIRM ARRIVAL bar verifies that you’re at the customer’s location.  
  3. Knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell alerts the customer to your arrival so they can give you the items to be returned. The customer will have a return label in their Walmart app and in an email. Scanning the return label with the SCAN RETURN BARCODE bar begins the return process. To finish, you can slide the COMPLETE SCAN bar. 
  4. The Return Items Checklist is a great reference tool to ensure the return is correct. You will be able to confirm this by pressing the GOT IT button. 
  5. Sliding the CONFIRMATION PICKUP bar indicates you’re ready to bring the item back to the store. The NAVIGATE button opens your default navigation app which will lead you to the store. 
  6. Store parking is available in the curbside pickup area. Once you park, sliding the CONFIRM ARRIVAL bar will let a store associate know you’ve arrived, and the associate will come to your vehicle to collect the order. If it’s been more than a few minutes since you arrived, pressing CONTACT connects you with the store so they can assist. 
  7. By pressing the DISPLAY RETURN LABEL button, the associate can then scan the label and process the return. 

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