Returning an order

Updated 1 month ago by Dave Jurgens

Here is some helpful information on returning an order if you’re unable to complete a delivery for any reason. 

For instance, if the customer is not home to accept the delivery, or the delivery is rejected by the customer: 

  1. Pressing the CONTACT button in the Spark Driver™ app enables you to get in touch with the customer about their order.  
  2. If the customer cannot be reached, swiping the delivery screen up makes it easy to report the DELIVERY ISSUE. There will be a list of delivery issues to select. 
  3. Return items can be brought to the store after completing any other deliveries.  
  4. Store parking is available in the curbside pickup area. Once you park, sliding the CONFIRM ARRIVAL bar will let a store associate know you’ve arrived, and the associate will come to your vehicle to collect the order. If it’s been more than a few minutes since you arrived, pressing CONTACT connects you with the store so they can assist. 
  5. Giving the associate the Driver Code displayed on your screen and press CODE CONFIRMED will provide a fast return. 
  6. Pressing CONFIRM indicates the associate has collected the order. 
  7. Swiping the COMPLETE RETURN bar will finish the return. 
  8. For Walmart GoLocal & Pharmacy orders, you can complete the return by entering the associate’s name and swiping the COMPLETE RETURN bar. 


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