Customer Return FAQs

Updated by Jessica Oberto

Customer return orders are picked up from customers’ homes or businesses and are returned to a designated local store.

You can tell if it is a return offer by seeing the Customer return label on the offer card.

The customer usually has the items and return labels available so you can easily collect them and SCAN RETURN BARCODE on the app. In case the customer does not have the label ready, they can locate it for you in either their Walmart app or their email.

Sometimes customers may show you the labels on their phone or sometimes they may have labels printed—either option works for scanning. Remember, if the customer needs time to gather their labels, please do not enter the customer’s home or business while waiting.

When you scan a return label at pickup, a white checkmark will briefly appear in the app.

Note: You may notice that the label scans quickly and the checkmark pops up and disappears quickly.

The return label is not the same thing as the UPC label on the item.

Once you have everything, you can press GOT IT, CONFIRM PICKUP and start driving to the designated store to make the return. You can return the order by following the drop-off notes in the app. Store parking is available in the curbside pickup area.

Yes, Customer return offers are available in every zone.

The products you can return vary based on what the customer purchased. Currently, Customer return orders cannot exceed 15 lbs. and 36 in.

A Customer return offer may contain up to 4 items. We suggest checking to ensure you have all items before completing the trip. You can note any missing items in the app.

If an offer you’ve accepted is canceled by the store or customer after you’ve arrived for on-time pickup, you’ll be provided with earnings for arriving at the customer location on time.

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