Error messages & alerts

Updated by Dave Jurgens

Here are the most common error messages and alerts that appear when using the Spark Driver™ app:

Retrieving location to match you with nearby offers alert

The Spark Driver app accesses your location to make sure you see offers based on your specific location. This feature is enabled only when you have Spark Now activated. Seeing an alert labeled Retrieving location to match you with nearby offers ensures that you can receive offers in your zone.

Time running out alert

You’ll receive this notification when completing Shopping & Delivery orders if you haven’t left the store approximately five minutes prior to the start of the scheduled delivery window.  As long as you complete the delivery by the scheduled delivery time, exceeding the suggested shopping time will not affect your metrics or your Spark Driver account standing.

Unable to start trip alert  

This message appears if your phone is in Airplane Mode or if you don’t have any WiFi or mobile/cellular data. If you’re not connected to the internet, you won’t be able to start your delivery trip. 

It’s a little early alert  

If you’re trying to start a trip earlier than usually needed, we suggest starting the trip closer to the pickup time. 

Invalid scan message for UPC codes

Sometimes when completing Shopping & Delivery offers, UPC codes may be scanned for specific products, such as electronics. This error on the app appears if the scanning function isn’t available or working for a UPC label during a Shopping & Delivery order. Press Help on the top-right corner of the Find Item screen, and then press Barcode won't scan to manually enter the UPC (barcode number) and quantity details.

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