Accepting an offer

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If you’re ready to start accepting offers, you can follow these steps:  

  1. Turn on Spark Now by pressing the Spark Now button in the top right. If offers are available, the Home screen shows any offers available to accept. 
  2. Press the message that shows the number of offers available. The Trips screen – Offers tab opens and shows your offer details. 
 Some offers contain multiple orders. This is called a batched trip. It means you’ll deliver to more than one location.  
  1. View the offer details by tapping the right arrow on the offer card.  
  • The offer card shows details like estimated earnings, store number, number of stops including number of pickups and drop-offs, estimated trip distance from the first pickup location, and estimated trip time.  
  • If the offer is personally sent to you, you will have 1 minute to decide you’d like to accept or reject a trip.  
  • If the offer is sent to multiple drivers simultaneously, it will be first come first serve, meaning the first driver to accept gets the offer.  
  1. Press ACCEPT on an offer if you’d like to continue, or press REJECT to reject the offer.  
  2. If you’ve accepted an offer, you can find it by pressing the Home icon. 

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