Accepting an offer

Updated by Cassie Ates

If you’re ready to start accepting offers, you can follow these steps:

  • Turning on Spark Now by tapping Spark Now in the top-right.
    • If offers are available, the Home screen shows any offers available to accept.
  • You can tap the message that shows the number of offers available to see offer details.
    • The Trips screen – Offers tab opens and shows your offer details.
Some offers contain multiple orders. This is called a batched trip. It means you’ll deliver to more than one location. 
  • Offer details can be viewed by tapping the right arrow on the offer card.
    • The offer card shows details like estimated earnings, store number, number of stops including number of pick-ups and drop-offs, estimated trip distance from the first pickup location, and estimated trip time.
  • You can choose to tap ACCEPT on an offer if you’d like to continue or tap REJECT to reject the offer.
  • If you’ve accepted an offer, you can find it by tapping the Home icon.

Once you accept a trip, you can tap START TRIP and head to the pick-up location.

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