Real-time identity verification

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Verify your identity

To help keep your account safe, we’ve launched real-time identity verification. To see this new feature, make sure to have the latest version of the Spark Driver™ app.

You will be asked to take a real-time photo of yourself and your driver’s license to help verify your identity. 

We may then periodically ask you to take a real-time photo of yourself to ensure your safety and that no one else is using your account. 

We’re committed to keeping you and your account safe from unauthorized users. This additional layer of security is to ensure only you have access to your account. Check out the FAQ section below for more helpful information. 


You will have three attempts to submit your driver’s license and/or real-time photo verification. After three failed attempts your account will be deactivated to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your account.

The real-time photo verification process is currently the only option to ensure only you have access to your account.

  • Only a driver’s license may be submitted (Passports or other forms of identification cards are not accepted).
  • All text should be clear and easy to read–not blurry.
  • All aspects of your driver’s license should be clearly visible.
  • All corners of your license should be visible. It helps to place your driver’s license on a flat surface with a dark background.
  • Driver’s license should not be expired.
  • Help reduce glare by moving away from direct light.
  • Remove any sunglasses.
  • Reduce glare by moving away from direct light.
  • Your phone should be level to your face when taking a photo. Please refrain from taking pictures in high or low angles.
  • For the selfie check, please mind your position when moving your head left to right. Try moving your head slightly for the live check to ensure your entire face is within the frame.

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