Delivering to a hotel or hospital

Updated by Nichole Lee

Sometimes customers order deliveries for drop-off at hotels or hospitals. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Helpful information like room numbers, reception desk locations, gate codes, and other customer instructions can be easily found in the customer notes.
  • Calling or texting the customer when arriving (to give notice of the delivery so they or a family member can come to the lobby to retrieve the order) is also good practice.
  • Sometimes customer notes request delivery directly to a hotel or hospital room. If allowed at that location, you may choose to go to the room if you’re comfortable doing so. Please hand off the items at the doorway; do not enter the hotel or hospital room.
  • Otherwise, the order can be handed to a team member at a reception desk, and you can choose the RECEPTION option in the Spark driver™ app.
  • Alcohol should not be delivered to a hospital, medical center, or clinic. 
  • If you are delivering alcohol to a hotel and the customer is unavailable, you will not be able to leave the order with the receptionist or concierge. The customer must be present to confirm their age and sign for the alcohol order. 

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