Items rejected by customer

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Items rejected by customer during shopping 

For Shopping orders, customers may decide that they no longer want a specific item or a substituted item. They may also cancel the entire order.

  • If the customer wants to remove an item from the order after the order has been placed, they can request a refund after delivery is attempted or made. 
  • If the customer rejects a substitution, you will be prompted to remove those items from the basket before you check out. Feel free to chat with the customer to ask if they want a different substitution and/or clarify any item preferences. For more information, see Communicating with customers
  • Any substitutions pending acceptance by the customer will be auto-accepted by the system and can be delivered to the customer.
  • If the customers want to cancel the order during shopping, they can call Walmart Customer Care at 1-800-966-6546. 

Items rejected by customer at delivery 
  • If the customer doesn’t want to accept an item at delivery, there is no need to return the item(s) to the store or start a return trip. You can leave the items with the customer. 
    • If the customer wants to request a refund, they can call Walmart Customer Care at 1-800-966-6546. 
  • What if the customer rejects the entire order at delivery? 
    • If you haven’t marked the order as delivered in the app yet, you can select the option Customer rejected order. You’ll then find helpful information about returning the order to the store. 
    • If you have already marked the order as delivered in the app, the customer will need to initiate a return through their account or by calling Walmart Customer Care at 1-800-966-6546.  

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