Items rejected by customer

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Items rejected by customer during shopping 

For Shopping orders, customers may decide that they no longer want a specific item or a substituted item. They may also cancel the entire order.

  • If the customer wants to remove an item from the order after the order has been placed, they can request a refund after delivery is attempted or made. 
  • If the customer rejects a substitution, you will be prompted to remove those items from the basket before you check out. Feel free to chat with the customer to ask if they want a different substitution and/or clarify any item preferences. For more information, see Communicating with customers
  • Any pending substitutions will be auto-accepted and can be delivered to the customer. If the customers want to cancel the order during shopping, they can call Walmart Customer Care at 1-800-966-6546. 

Items rejected by customer at delivery 
  • If the customer doesn’t want to accept an item at delivery, there is no need to return the item(s) to the store or start a return trip. You can leave the items with the customer. 
    • If the customer wants to request a refund, they can call Walmart Customer Care at 1-800-966-6546. 
  • If the customer rejects the entire order at delivery, you can select Customer rejected order in the app. You’ll find helpful information about returning the order. 

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