Forgot username and/or password for Spark Driver™ profile

Updated by Cassie Ates

You can log in to your Spark Driver™ profile here. If you are having trouble logging in, please follow the steps below: 

Forgot Username & Password 

If you’ve forgotten both the username and password for your Spark Driver profile: 

  • Follow the Forgot Username steps to receive your username. 
  • Then follow the Forgot Password steps to create a new password.  

After receiving your username associated with your account and creating a new password, you can log in to your Spark Driver profile. 

Forgot Username 
  • If you need your username, you can select FORGOT USERNAME and enter the email associated with your Spark Driver profile.  
  • If an account exists with that email address, we will send a message containing the username for that account to the email and mobile number. 
  • You can use the username provided to log in to your Spark Driver profile
Forgot Password 
  • If you forgot your password but know your username, you can select FORGOT PASSWORD and enter your username to receive the OTP (One Time Password). We will send the OTP to the email and mobile number associated with your account. 
  • The OTP is a 6-digit number that is only valid for 5 minutes
  • You can then enter the OTP you received and select VERIFY & PROCEED.  
  • Next, you will create a New Password.  
    • The New Password must contain 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character, and be at least 8 characters long to successfully update your password.  
    • The New Password must be confirmed a second time to change your password.
You can view the passwords entered in either section by tapping the eye icon to the right of each line to confirm they are identical. 
  • If the new password meets all of the requirements, select CHANGE PASSWORD to update your password.  
  • Using the new password, you can log in to your Spark Driver profile.  

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