Enrolling on the Spark Driver™ platform

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Getting started has never been easier! Eligibility requires you to: 

  • Be age 18 or older; 
  • Provide your true and accurate name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and Social Security number; 
  • Be authorized to perform services as an independent contractor in the U.S.; 
  • Have an unexpired, valid driver’s license in your name issued by a state in the U.S; 
  • Verify your identity using a driver's license (as described above) and a selfie; 
  • Have a mobile phone number with the U.S. country code +1 followed by ten digits;  
  • Provide proof of valid auto insurance for the Vehicle you’ll use, which includes: your name, expiration date, and Vehicle information; 
  • Have a clean and reliable Vehicle; and 
  • Have a mobile Device with camera and GPS capabilities.  

Background screening may be conducted, including motor vehicle records and criminal background checks; reviews will be conducted in accordance with applicable laws.   

Once you are approved to use the Spark Driver app, to protect your account, you will be asked to authenticate your identity by using a driver’s license and taking a selfie. 

Sign up 

If you’re ready to enroll on the Spark Driver platform, here are some helpful tips to get started: 

Clicking the SIGN UP button on drive4spark.walmart.com brings up a welcome page to enroll in Spark Driver.  

You can sign in to the Spark Driver app once you've been approved as a driver.

Enter your phone number 

  1. After you enter your phone number, you will need to click the checkboxes to acknowledge you’re: 
  • 18 years of age or older 
  • Not a Walmart or Sam’s Club employee 
  • Agreeing to accept text messages  
  1. Clicking SEND CODE sends a verification code via text message. Entering the code and clicking the CONTINUE button will verify your phone number.   

Create your account 

Entering all required information in the next screen creates your account.    

Enter Personal Information 

Entering your Personal Information and clicking the NEXT and SUBMIT buttons will bring you to the next step in the account creation process.  

Sign Documents 

  1. Entering your name and clicking CONFIRM AND START SIGNING creates your digital signature to sign documents. 
  2. Clicking the document allows you to read through the information and clicking ACCEPT lets you sign each document. Clicking SUBMIT confirms that you agree to the terms and are ready to continue. Then click submit to continue.   

Upload Auto Insurance 

Clicking Upload Auto Insurance, gives you follow the tips that you can use to upload your insurance document information. Select Upload and then click on Upload a Picture to add a picture of your insurance document. Entering the Insurance Expiration Date and clicking the SUBMIT button uploads your insurance document.  

Add Earnings Account 

  1. Selecting Earnings Account allows you to choose how  to receive your earnings. You can select your primary earnings account by submitting an application for a new earnings account or linking your bank account. To proceed in the enrollment process you must select an Earnings Account. You can change or add accounts after you are approved. Successfully signing up for an Earnings Account will complete your application. Visit the Earnings FAQs for more information.
  2. Next steps 
  3. Clicking SUBMIT and GO TO HOME completes the signing of all the documentation.

You have now completed all the steps in the application process for the Spark Driver platform. Once your application is approved, you will be able to access the app.  

While your information is processing and openings in your zone are being confirmed, you can visit the Spark Driver™ portal to review your application status. Upon final approval, you’ll receive an email and a text message with information on how to get started on the Spark Driver app.  


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