Understanding offer types

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Types of offers

The Spark DriverTM platform provides offers to complete many types of deliveries. You have the option of selecting which types of offers you want to accept. This article covers these topics: 

  • Receiving offers 
  • Single vs. batched orders
  • Offer types
  • Delivery types
  • Offer tags
  • Pickup locations

Receiving offers

There are two ways offers are sent out: round robin and first come, first serve. Here's how to tell the difference. 

Round robin timed offers have a countdown timer on the ACCEPT button. These offers are sent directly to an individual driver based on a combination of factors, like locations.

First come, first serve offers are sent to all available drivers in your zone. Typically, these offers are sent closer to the scheduled pick-up time than round robin offers. There will be no timer on the ACCEPT button.

Single vs. batched orders

There are two types of orders: single and batched.

Single orders have one drop-off location.

Batched orders include orders for two or more customers, meaning there will be multiple drop-offs within one trip. Batched orders are always picked up from the same store location.

Offer types

There are three types of offers: Delivery, Shopping, and Customer return. Here's how to tell the difference:

Delivery offers include 3 types of orders: Walmart (Grocery and Dotcom orders), and Walmart GoLocal.

  • Grocery deliveries contain food items, such as produce or packaged food. Three grocery orders can also be delivered during each trip by using your front seat, back seat, and trunk space to keep these orders separate.
  • Dotcom deliveries contain non-grocery items, such as shampoo or cleaning supplies. These orders don't require a signature, are often batched, and pre-tipping is not currently available.
Note: some offers may not have an item list available. These orders will be prepackaged in Walmart bags or boxes for customer privacy.
  • Walmart GoLocal deliveries are for pickup from non-Walmart stores like Home Depot or Advanced Auto Parts. The company logo and pickup instructions are on the offer card.

Shopping offers involve driving to a specific store, shopping a list of items, and delivering the order. These offers are marked Shopping, and this offer type is only available at Walmart stores.

Customer return offers involve a return being picked up from the customer and then delivered back to the Walmart store.

Offer tags

Orders containing items with special delivery information such as notes about collecting a signature often have offer tags.

Note: some offers may not have an item list available. These orders will be prepackaged in Walmart bags or boxes for customer privacy.  

There are seven types of offer tags: Express, Alcohol, Pharmacy, Dextromethorphan, heavy item, Apartment, and Bulky item. This is what they'll look like:

Express deliveries allow customers to receive their grocery orders in two hours or less. These offers are marked Express.

Alcohol deliveries require the driver to be 21 years of age, provide a valid driver's license or government ID upon store pickup, and verify the customer is at least 21 years of age during drop off. These offers are marked Alcohol. Only drivers who meet the alcohol eligibility and certification requirements will receive these offers.*

Pharmacy deliveries are for the pickup of prescriptions from a store and delivery to the customer. These offers are marked Pharmacy. Pharmacy orders require a signature of someone at least 18 years old at time of delivery.*

Dextromethorphan (a.k.a., Dex) is a cough suppressant used in some over-the-counter cold and flu medications. State laws require customers to be at least 18 years old to receive Dex deliveries. Customers must show a valid government-issued photo ID to drivers to confirm they are at least 18 years old at time of delivery. A customer signature is required to complete the order.* 

heavy item delivery has at least one heavy item in the order. Extra earnings are included in the offer screen and shown in the Extra earnings section on the Trip Details screen. The weight-range of the item will be displayed on the offer card.

An Apartment delivery indicates that the delivery address is an apartment. Extra earnings are included in the offer screen and shown in the Extra earnings section on the Trip Details screen. Apartment deliveries are available in select zones only.

A Bulky item delivery has at least one bulky item in the order. These offers are marked Bulky and include items that weigh less than 40lbs but are large in size. Bulky items may include bicycles, furniture, TVs, and other large items. Extra earnings are included in the offer screen for Walmart (Grocery, Dotcom, and Shopping) orders, and shown in the Extra earnings section on the Trip Details screen.

*Scanning a customer's valid government issued photo ID is part of delivering orders containing alcohol, pharmacy and some cold and flu items. To learn more about barcode scanning for age-restricted items, see Delivering an order with alcohol and Delivering cold and flu medicine with Dextromethorphan

New Hampshire law prohibits scanning government ID barcodes. Information can be manually entered into the app instead of scanning.

Store Pickup locations

There are two types of pickups: In-Store and Curbside. Here's how to tell the difference:

In-Store Pickup is most often for Dotcom and Walmart GoLocal orders. The pickup location is inside the building and the pickup notes can offer you helpful details.

Curbside Pickup pickup location is outside in a designated set of parking spots in the store parking lot.

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