Delivering on the Spark Driver™ app

Updated by Jessica Oberto

Ready to deliver an order? Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of the app during a delivery: 

  1. The NAVIGATE arrow will open your preferred navigation app and provide directions to the customer’s location. Once you’re there, you can slide the AT DROP-OFF LOCATION bar to confirm your arrival.
Helpful information like gate codes, room numbers, drop off locations, and other customer instructions can be easily found in the customer notes.
It is prohibited by federal law to place delivery items into mailboxes.
  1. When prompted, scanning the order label(s) will ensure you’re dropping off the right order at the correct location.
  • For no contact deliveries, taking a photo of the order is a good way to provide proof of delivery and help the customer know where you left the order.
Customers appreciate having the order and the surroundings of where it was left in the delivery photo (for example, including in the photo the home or apartment number).
  • If the order requires a signature, you can ask the customer to sign for their items before completing the delivery.
  1. After completing the drop-off prompts, you can slide the CONFIRM DROP-OFF bar to finalize the delivery.
Orders that require a customer passcode 

You might have to enter a customer passcode to complete the delivery for certain orders. This passcode can be provided by the customer or by someone else on their behalf at the time of delivery. You’ll be prompted to get the passcode from the customer during drop-off.  Once the correct passcode is entered on the app, you can slide COMPLETE DROP-OFF

 What if the customer cannot locate the passcode? 

Customers should receive the one-time passcode via email, text and the Walmart app. If they are unable to find the passcode or if the number is incorrect, they can contact Walmart Customer Care at 1-800-925-6278. If the customer or their designated person is unable to verify the passcode, if the passcode is not working, or if nobody is available to provide the passcode, you can return the entire order to the store.  

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