Delivering an order with alcohol

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Alcohol delivery is currently available in many stores throughout the country. Depending on your specific location, you may receive offers for orders containing alcohol.

This information is intended to help you act in accordance with state and local regulations concerning alcohol sale and delivery. 

Am I eligible to deliver alcohol?  

Drivers are required to be at least 21 years old to deliver orders containing alcohol. Depending on state or local laws, you may be required to complete alcohol delivery training or obtain an alcohol delivery certificate to deliver orders containing alcohol.

Which customers may receive alcohol deliveries? 

State laws require customers to be at least 21 years old to receive orders containing alcohol. Customers must show a valid government-issued photo ID to drivers to confirm they are at least 21 years old at time of delivery.

Valid forms of identification: 

  • Are government issued 
  • Include a photo that matches the customer 
  • List the customer’s date of birth 
  • Have an expiration date and are not expired 

How do I confirm a customer’s ID is valid? 

Customers receiving alcohol deliveries are required to present a valid photo identificationID, which should be removed from a wallets, purses, etc., so it may be inspected and scanned by the Spark Driver™ app.

Here is some helpful information on confirming the legitimacy of customer IDs:  

  • There can be visual differences between the customer and the individual in the photo, but facial features including eye shape and color, nose and ear shape, or any special facial features like birthmarks or scars should be the same.  
  • Physical characteristics such as weight, hair, and makeup may change with time and do not require as much scrutiny.  
  • Legitimate ID cards have smooth, uniform edges.  
  • Fake ID cards often have uneven edges and may have bumpy surfaces or glue marks. 

It is required by state and local law to confirm the customer is legally of age and able to accept an alcohol delivery. 

What if a customer appears intoxicated? 

State laws require that alcohol delivery recipients are not intoxicated when receiving the order. Customers who exhibit any or all the signs below should not be given their alcohol orders: 

  • Physical signs of intoxication, including glossy or bloodshot eyes 
  • Slurred speech or louder than normal tone 
  • Smell of alcohol on breath or clothing  
  • Impaired motor function and movement  

Are there places where I shouldn’t deliver alcohol? 

Alcohol deliveries are prohibited at these locations: 

  • Public or private elementary schools (K-12) 
  • College campuses, including fraternities and dormitories 
  • Government buildings, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Veterans' Homes, Capitol Grounds, City Halls, or prisons, etc. 
  • Retail locations like grocery stores, gas stations, or convenience stores 
  • Hospitals, medicals centers, or clinics 

How will I know if an order contains alcohol? 

If an order contains alcohol, that information will be displayed in many places throughout your delivery journey to ensure your understanding and acknowledgement.  

Here are some helpful tips for delivering orders containing alcohol:  

  1. When you’re at the customer’s door, the scan prompt is ready to capture the driver's license or state-issued identification card.
  • To verify the customer’s date of birth, scan the barcode (usually on the back of the customer's ID).
  1. The ID details appear most clearly when customer IDs are scanned in a well-lit area and the camera is aimed at the numbers/letters.  
  2. Once scanned, the customer's date of birth and the expiration date of the ID auto populate in the app. You can easily check to ensure the information matches what is shown on the customer’s ID. 
  3. Once the ID details are captured, pressing CUSTOMER SIGNATURE moves to the next step of the delivery.  
  4. After scanning the order labels and the ID, sliding the COMPLETE DROP-OFF bar will finalize the delivery.   
If you're having trouble scanning the ID, the information can be manually entered by pressing the keyboard icon in the top-right corner of the app. 
New Hampshire law prohibits scanning government ID barcodes. Information can be manually entered into the app instead of scanning.
If the customer is underage or provides an expired ID, the app will display an ORDER RETURN to help you return the order to the store. 

What if I think a customer or a location shouldn’t receive an order containing alcohol?

Using good judgment and erring on the side of caution to meet state and local law requirements is an important part of navigating an alcohol delivery order.  

 An ORDER RETURN can be triggered in the app for orders containing alcohol when you have doubts about the delivery appropriateness, including if: 

  • An alcohol order appears to be intended for resale 
  • An alcohol order appears to be for minors 
  • The customer fails to provide valid identification 
  • The customer appears intoxicated 
  • The delivery location is prohibited  

As always, Driver Support is available to provide guidance and assistance with any additional questions. 

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