Canceled order due to food safety concerns

Updated 2 months ago by Nichole Lee

Keeping food safe requires that temperature-sensitive items be delivered within 60 minutes of when the items are picked from the shelf. Examples of temperature-sensitive items, also called perishable items, include cold items such as milk, eggs, ice cream, and live bait; this also applies to hot items such as rotisserie chicken.

If you’re unable to deliver temperature-sensitive items within 60 minutes of pickup (curbside or when in a store shopping), the items should be returned to the pickup location.

If you get a message that an order was canceled due to food safety concerns, here is some helpful information:

  1. A notification will inform you the trip or order has been canceled due to food safety concerns for perishable item standards. Pressing the GOT IT button will start a return trip on the order.
  2. Sliding the RETURN TO STORE bar begins a return trip.
  3. Store parking is available in the curbside pickup area. Sliding the CONFIRM ARRIVAL bar, then the CONFIRM DROP-OFF button, will alert an associate of your arrival. Pressing the DONE button completes your drop off.

You’ll get the delivery and one return fee, even if they return all orders in the batch.

If you are in a store completing a Shopping & Delivery offer, and 60 minutes has elapsed after you picked up a perishable item and the order is canceled, you can leave the cart at the customer service desk.

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