Cancel a trip

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Canceling before starting a trip

After you accept a trip, you will be able to cancel any time before you pick up an order at the store. 

If you have not started the trip yet, swipe up from the bottom of the app screen in your trip details to show other options. Press CANCEL TRIP and then YES, CANCEL TRIP.

Then, choose a reason for canceling.

Canceling after starting a trip

If you started the trip but haven’t picked up the order from the store yet, you can cancel by pressing the question mark icon in the top-right. 

From there, select Cancel Current Trip and press YES, CANCEL TRIP

Then, choose a reason for canceling.

Initiate a return

If you have picked up an order from the store and cannot complete the delivery, you will need to initiate a return.

If you want to cancel a specific order within a batched trip, you will have to cancel the entire trip through the app. 

We hope these tips help! Remember, if something unexpected happens, you can simply cancel an order in the app - no need to contact driver support!

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