Delivery FAQs

Updated by Jessica Oberto

Yes. You can select what zone you want to choose when enrolling and select offers at pickup and drop-off locations within your preferred zone. You can change your zone at any time using the app ( Zone > Change).

Yes. As an independent contractor, you’re responsible for expenses incurred while completing deliveries for the Spark Driver™ platform.

Yes, you can still get partial earnings if your trip gets canceled. Pressing the CONFIRM ARRIVAL button after you get to the store triggers those partial earnings. If a trip gets canceled when you arrive at the drop off location, you’ll receive more additional partial earnings plus return earnings when bringing the order back to the store.

Note: If you accept and drop multiple trips, it may be a violation of the service level standards and impact your ability to use the platform.

Inform the store associate during the pickup process. They can cancel one of the trips or reduce the number of items in an order. Earnings and tips may be affected if the number of items are reduced.

Here are tips for a fast pickup:

  • Arriving at or up to fifteen minutes before the designated pickup time. If you arrive earlier the order may not be available yet.

  • Confirming your arrival at the pickup location in the Spark Driver app.

  • Reviewing offer-specific pickup instructions in the Spark Driver app, such as the pickup location.

  • Having your driver code from the Pickup screen ready for the store associate when they arrive to load your car.

No. You can only accept one offer at a time. Once an offer is accepted, you will not be able to accept an additional offer until the current offer is completed.

The customer’s notes appear in the Customer note field or gate code on the Trip in Progress screen. Click here for a screenshot of what this looks like

Drop-off notes can be found when you press CONFIRM ARRIVAL.

No-Contact Delivery means that you won’t hand the order to the customer, but you will leave it in a safe, visible location outside the delivery address—most commonly the front door.

You can refer to the customer notes for any additional instructions they might have provided. You can also tap NAVIGATE, after confirming your arrival at the address, to get directions to the exact drop-off location. If you still can’t find the customer's address, you can initiate a return.

Entering customer homes while dropping off a delivery is prohibited by the Terms of Use (TOU), even if requested by the customer.

If you see an unleashed animal that you’re concerned about, please call the customer to ask if they can help. Please give the customer some time to answer or reply. If you can’t reach the customer, you can return the order to the store and indicate that it was an Unsafe location.

Deliveries should only be left at the address provided in Order Details. If the customer requests delivery to a different address, ask them to cancel the original order. The order should then be returned to the store.

If you’re involved in an accident after you swiped START TRIP in the Spark Driver app, please contact Driver Support and provide details of the order number you’re delivering. Contact your local police and/or emergency resources and insurance provider, as you normally would.

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