Produce shopping

Updated by Dave Jurgens

Here are some helpful tips for produce (picking fruits and vegetables) shopping.

Produce bar code doesn’t scan

If the Price Look-Up PLU barcode of the produce doesn’t scan, you can manually enter the PLU code in the app. If you want to manually enter the PLU code, you can take these steps:

  1. You can find the four-digit PLU code on the produce aisle sign.
  1. There is a ? icon at the top of the app that you can press to get to the Manual Entry screen.
  1. Pressing Barcode won't scan allows you to manually enter the PLU code.

Item photo in the Spark Driver™ app doesn’t match the produce item

Even if the picture for the produce item is incorrect, if the system accepts the entry, you can still use this item. Check that the produce quantity and produce type is correct.

If you’re having trouble finding a produce item, you can show your phone to a store associate to get help locating the produce item you’re shopping for.
Shopping & Delivery offers are available in select zones only.

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