Picking up orders from non-Walmart locations

Updated 1 month ago by Nichole Lee

After accepting an offer, pressing Trips on the navigation menu makes it easy to view any upcoming trips under the Accepted tab. The pickup time also displays for each accepted trip.

Starting your trip

  1. When you’re ready to head to the pickup location, the START TRIP button can be pressed. If needed, pressing the NAVIGATE button will open your default navigation app, enabling step-by-step driving directions to the pickup location.
Pressing the PICKUP NOTES button provides helpful information about parking information, pickup locations in a mall, or who to ask for when you arrive.
  1. Once safely parked at the pickup destination, sliding the CONFIRM ARRIVAL bar alerts store associates of your arrival.  

Receiving and scanning in-store pickup orders 

There can be different labels for scanning each customer order. Here are some helpful hints:   

  1. When the store associate hands you the items, each order will have a label for scanning. This article contains helpful hints on scanning customer orders.  
If you’re delivering orders for more than one customer, it’s a good practice to place the orders in two different areas of your vehicle to keep the orders separate and organized.  
  1. Once the labels have been successfully scanned, you’re ready to deliver the order(s) to the customer(s) by sliding the START DELIVERY bar.  

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